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Lil Agz is only a kid and he’s already living out his dreams on the daily. Boasting 216K followers on Instagram alone, the Bronx, New York native has been grinding, putting in the work necessary to get his name recognized in the big leagues. Before even turning into an adult, he’s already unleashed a myriad of singles, including “Lessons” and “Momma We Good.”

When it comes to his life and career, family is always the most important thing. Now, he readies the release of his forthcoming album titled You Know My Body Volume 1, which is slated to detail his upbringing from the slums to where he is now.

King Ice caught up with Lil Agz, who’s diamonds were gleaming from his wrist. Read below as we discuss his Rolex and his necklaces.

Talk about your jewelry game.

Oh man, my jewelry game is alright man. I got the Rollie on my wrist. 

When did you get the Rollie?

I've had the Rollie since last month. Alright fuck it, I'ma get the Rollie.  

How much was the Rollie? 

25 bands, but I had to cop it. Alright fuck it, I needed something. I seen all my other mans shining, alright I'ma get the watch. I'ma shine too. Now I'm shining! I ain't gon' lie, the next piece of jewelry I'll get is an AG piece or something. 

What necklaces you got on? 

I only got a lion pendant my moms bought me. Shout out my moms, I love you!  She got me this pendant, but I'm gonna get an AG pendant next. 

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