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Mr. Criminal Talks Rollies & 15 Chains

Mr. Criminal is here to encourage the youth that they too can succeed, despite the obstacles and battles life throws at you on a daily basis. The Chicano rapper hails from all over Southern California, with multiple sources of income. Whether he’s dropping music, acting in big-time films, selling his own merch, or even selling exotic dogs, real name Roberto Garcia is a hustler and business if there ever was one.

Most recently, he released his Virus Quarantine project, inspired directly by the national pandemic the world is facing due to COVID-19. Each of his albums speaks to a chapter of his life, and this is definitely one worth noting.

Arriving at his beautiful house in Marina Del Rey, King Ice chatted with Mr. Criminal about his Presidential Rollies and 15 chains. 

I know you sell watches in your own brand, but what’s the black and gold watch on your wrist?

This is an iWatch. We got a gold skeleton watch. You can see through the face, it has Roman numerals. One of my favorite watches is obviously the Presidential Rolex. I have 2 of them: a bust down one and a classy, regular one. I wanted to bring something with style and class, things my people can afford because they can’t afford a Rolex. 

When do you wear your Rollies?

When I hit the red carpets. When I go to George Lopez’s crib to go smoke, or Cedric the Entertainer’s birthday. Anything that’s more high-end shit. When I’ma pull up to South Central and go to the studio, who knows. It depends on how I feel.

It’s dangerous in South Central.

It’s dangerous every day. If you carry yourself right and show respect, you’re good anywhere you go. 

What about your love for chains?

I wish I had my shit on, I got about 15 chains. “I got 10 chains, bitch my neck hurt.” I got 15 of them mothafuckas. All types of Jesus pieces, I just got a custom one with my logo. I got a fully iced out VVS diamond piece that’s 180 grams, 30 something karats, and diamonds. I be doing it, I got different jewelers. I got a jeweler out here in LA, his name’s Habib. He’s in the jewelry district. I got my people out in Colorado, they’re starting to do a lot for all the celebrities, all the basketball players. They be hooking me up. 




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