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Pat Muresan Lists His Go-To Jewelry Accessories

Pat Muresan is here to prove he can make music as good as he can skateboard. After 15 years of amateur skateboarding, the Germany-born, Atlanta-raised native broke his ankle, which resulted in his discovery of his ability to actually make fire music. With a love for fashion still, Pat blends his personality into his R&B ballads, making music for the masses to feel and enjoy.

Most recently, he released his debut project tilted Primma Donna. Fans are currently waiting patiently for his forthcoming music video for “Designer.”

King Ice caught up with Pat via Instagram Live to discuss his fashion style and love for jewelry.

How would you describe your fashion style? 

I love street fashion, but I’m all over the place. I might put on some YSL Chelsea’s, I might put on some Vans. What got me to make music was always fashion. I styled Wiz Khalifa, I did some shit for Miley Cyrus before I even made music. I met this stylist who styled Wiz Khalifa, DJ Holiday, Waka. I was at the gym, I go to Life Time. I always dress fresh, that’s my shit. I don’t leave the house unless I feel good about my clothes. I go through 8 outfits before I leave the house. 

What are your go-to jewelry accessories? I see you got some drip around your neck. 

Mmhmm, I got this from my CEO in New York. He picked it up for me in New York from a jewelry store. I got some Cartier on, a bunch of Cartier. Black Cartier bracelet, I got Cartier right here. I lost one 2 weeks ago, I think a bitch stole it from me. [laughs] I spent the night at a girl’s house. I had 5 rings, I woke up and there were only 4. I think someone stole it. 


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