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Nasty C Got His Rollie as a Token of His Success

Nasty C is only 23 years old and already a global star. Not only is he the most-streamed artist in Africa, but he plans on bringing that exact same energy to America. The multi-Platinum singer, rapper, and producer is dubbed “the coolest kid in Africa,” boasting 3.1 million followers on Instagram alone. Currently signed to Def Jam, Nasty combines hard trap bangers with a nice balance of conscious lyrics.

This year, he dropped off an amazing body of work titled Zulu Man With Some Power,  speaking volumes to his upbringing back home in Durban, Africa. Not only is he sparking people to ask “what’s Zulu?”, but he’s spreading awareness that African music is here to stay.

King Ice caught up with Nasty C via Instagram Live, who revealed his love for grills. Sadly, his Rolex was stolen from his house a few years back… and it was not cheap!

How would you describe your drip?

I’ve got a love for fashion. I’m not that crazy about it though. I used to be, but not anymore. I dress to get comfortable now. I’m not really about putting together outfits and all that, got other things to worry about.

What about jewelry? What are your go-to pieces?

I like grills. I like grills more than everything, more than chains. It’s in my room. I buy a couple grills. I actually like earrings too. I have custom ones. I have another earring that’s got this symbol right here [points to hand tattoo], the eye, a 'V', and a sun. I’ve got a couple dangly earrings. I got one in this other ear too.

Do you still have your Rollie?

No, I don’t. I lost that shit. Terrible incident. I was lacking. They broke into my house about 3 years ago. I’m not trippin’, I’ve been over it. It was one of those things, I always wanted to get it as a token of my success. As soon as I got my first paycheck, that’s the first thing I did. I went and got it. First check, the first thing I bought. It was half a million. It was $448K, some shit like that.

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