Tracy T’s Skeleton Cartier Cost a Good $6Ok

Tracy T’s Skeleton Cartier Cost a Good $6Ok

Tracy T just released his joint project with legendary producer Zaytoven, titled the Time Machine EP. The Decatur, Georgia native has wanted to be a rapper ever since the young age of 6 years old, when he hard Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” from his little boombox. 

Releasing his first song in 2009, he was shot later that year 4 different times. Not only did he have to learn how to walk again, but he had push through losing his breath every time he tried to rap. Now following his stint being signed to Rick Ross’ MMG, he returns completely independent and pushing his own label Money Bound Entertainment.

King Ice caught up with Tracy T via Instagram Live to discuss his iced out Carter watch on his wrist, and his spending habits on Rodeo Drive.

How much are you dropping on Rodeo Drive?

On a good day, it’ll be about $10K. Last time, I spent about a $5K. I had got some stuff to go out of town, some lil clothes. Givenchy this, that. 

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

Probably this right here [show watch]. Skeleton Cartier. This is a good $60K right here, or these Cartier bracelets. 

Ya’ll love them Cartier glasses.

You know we going up, I’ve got a few Cartier glasses man. [laughs] I have 2 Cartier glasses, clear frames too. 

What about chains?

I’ve got a MB chain. Money Bound Ent, that’s the label. 

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