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Nya Lee Gifted Her Sister a Rollie for her Birthday

Nya Lee doesn’t go by OG Nya Lee for nothing, she’s one of the dopest MCs in the rap game period. Coming up in New York City dancing, Nya is the definition of a hustler, currently owning multiple businesses and doing her one true love: music. Regardless of her endeavors or what life brings her, she knows down to the core she’s one of the nicest female spitters out.

You may have seen her on the reality television show Love & Hip Hop: New York, but that’s actually her biggest regret. In reality, she’s an amazing human being with incredible positive energy — even finding her lane in motivational speaking. She even moved her family to Los Angeles alongside her 4-year-old daughter winner.

Following the release of her “Pony” and “KK” visuals, King Ice caught up with Nya at the Kandypens house in the hills to discuss her love for watches, and getting her sister the ultimate gift of a Rollie.

What’s been new since the last time we talked?

I went home to New York to see my sister. It was her birthday, so I gifted her a Rolex.

That’s love! What a huge investment.

The company that I’m with, Total Life Changes, my sister’s one of my top earners with our products. I felt girl, it’s time for me to ice you out. You done helped me get a big coin, so now I’ve got to drip you out. AShe’s never had a Rolex before, so I’m so happy and so grateful to be in that position to be able to gift her a Rolex. That’s why I was in New York, giving my sister a Rolex! 

How did she react?

She cried. I had a little poem I said before I gifted it to her. As I was reading the poem, she has to know I’m about to give her a watch. Oo once I popped out, I said “bitch, you got a Rolex!” I ended the poem with “bitch, you got a Rolex!” [laughs]

What about you? You got your own ice?

Oh, I’ve been doing the watches. Girl, my first watch was an Audemars watch. That’s what I started with. “They still frontin’ with the starter kits!” I got a song about it. 

How much was that?
This one [shows watch], this is the Presidential. This will run you about $40K. It be like that. Nice, big rocks in there. 

Do you actually use it to tell time?

No, I just have a collection of them. Can I be honest about why I like watches for forever? I like watches because anybody could get a bag and a shoe. The girls, you see the Birkins are everywhere now too. That’s amazing, I love it. I’m not against it, I love it. But a watch is your status. It’s never wanting girly watches so that if a dude was checking for me, he'd see that my time is super expensive. Super valuable. Back in my stripper days, one of the first watches I bought myself was a Yacht-Master. I’ve always been into dude watches, super expensive watches, as a sign of “don’t waste my time”! 

Tell me about the Yacht-Master.

It’s a Rolex. It’s a style, like this is a Presidential Rolex. [shows watch] They have Yachtmaster, Datejusts, Day-Dates, it goes on. I really know what’s going on.



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