Famous Dex: Jewelry Doesn’t Make a Person

Famous Dex: Jewelry Doesn’t Make a Person

Famous Dex is in his own lane, on his own time. The Chicago native boasts 4.8 million followers on Instagram alone, with an extremely loyal fanbase that has been waiting patiently for new music. Coming off the success of viral singles “Japan” and “Pick It Up” with A$AP Rocky, the Chicago native’s debut album Dex Meets Dexter has officially been certified Gold.

Now two years later, Dex returns with his most personal project to date: Diana. The title of his second studio album is dedicated to his late mother, who passed away to breast cancer. Not only do we see a side of Dex we’ve never seen before, but he proves he can create heartfelt records along with the turnup.

King Ice caught up with Dexter via Instagram Live, to discuss how much ice he had on when recording his single “Covered In Diamonds.”


You just released “Covered In Diamonds,” how much did you have on while recording it?

I don't know how many diamonds I got on girl. When I made the song “Covered in Diamonds,” I had on probably $35K worth of jewelry. 

Can you break it down for us?

My Cuban was $25K, my rings cost a lot of money too. The ring costs $8500. 

Do you have your chains on now?

I don’t have my chains on right now, I definitely have my Rolex though. 

Album release night, you don’t have your Rollie on?

You pocket watching girl, what's wrong with you? Let me tell you, jewelry don’t make a person. I make me, Dexter makes me. Diamonds don't make me. I'll show you true diamonds.



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