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Olamidé Loves his Versace Glasses

Olamidé is the biggest artist out of Nigeria, and he’s ready to take his brand and his music to hit every single part of the globe. Having been making music for a decade now, the “Eru” recording artist has established one of the biggest social media followings the country has ever seen, with his music streaming equally as powerful.

Beyond releasing his most recent album titled Carpe Diem, which means seize the day, he’s a proud owner of his own label titled YBNL. The acronym stands for Yahoo Boy No Laptop, what he deems the Nigerian version of Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment. Boasting 7.1 million followers on Instagram, Olamidé shows no signs of slowing down.

King Ice caught up with Olamidé via Zoom to discuss his love for fashion, along with his go-to designer shades.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Depends on my mood, it’s more of a mood theme for me. I really like fashion, but what’s most important to me is my comfort. My convenience, it's all about how I feel. If I want to get so-and-so’s classical look for an event or occasion, I’ll try it on and it feels good. Day of the event if I try it on again and don’t like how it feels on me, I’ll take it off. [laughs] Fashion goes hand-in-hand with entertainment. Fashion’s a way to balance everything. Fashion’s a way of life, music’s a way of life, it goes hand in hand together. I really do like fashion, but I don't overstress it. 

What are your go-to jewelry preferences?

I’m not really into accessories, but I’d say my glasses. I have Versace and Gucci glasses, and my earrings. 

How much are the glasses?

I don’t check the price, I just buy. [laughs]

Do you like chains?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Chains depend on my mood as well. I’m not much of a chain person,  I’m not much of a bracelet person either, I’m not too much of a wrist watch person. The only time you’ll see me wear all that is when I have a big event. 


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