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Mario has a Collection of 4 Rollies

Mario is an R&B legend, period. If you’re a fan of music, there’s no denying Mario’s talents. Since the early 90’s and 2000’s, he’s been releasing hit after hit, from “Let Me Love You” to “Just A Friend” to “Crying Out For Me.” If there’s one thing you can lean on for Mario, it’s baby-making music for the bedroom.

Fast forward to 2020, he releases his newest EP titled Closer To Mars, a 5-track project that was actually supposed to come out in May — but COVID stopped everything. At this point, Mario is just living in the moment daily, pushing positive energy into the world until he can get back on the road and give fans what they want: a show for the books.

King Ice caught up with Mario in downtown Los Angeles, right before his private, intimate listening for the new project. Read about his Rolex collection below!

Closer to Mars on Spotify

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?

Just my Rollies. I got 4 Rollies, 2 gold ones, 1 Platinum one, 1 silver. One bussdown. Rings, I like rings. Honestly my favorite piece of jewelry I have is this opal crystal necklace with diamonds in it. It’s a crystal, that’s my favorite piece because it fulfills me within.

What were the occasions you were celebrating with the Rollies?

Nothing, just getting a check. [laughs] Getting a bag.



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