Paloma Ford’s Go-To Jewelry Piece: Her Anklet

Paloma Ford’s Go-To Jewelry Piece: Her Anklet

Paloma Ford is back and better than ever. Whether she’s singing, modeling, performing, acting, dancing, the California recording artist is an entertainer by heart. Having been born into a musical family, a young Paloma sang background vocals for the legendary Macy Gray. Doing everything independent, she really had to put in the work to get to the point she’s at now.

With true love and passion for fashion, Paloma prides herself in dressing and styling herself, ever since she was a little girl. Last year, she walked the runway for slashedbytia during NY Fashion Week. Now after a two-year hiatus in music, she drops “Nights I Cry,” inspired by a breakup.

King Ice caught up with Paloma via Instagram Live to discuss her love for anklets.

Do you style yourself? 

I do, I style myself. Co-directed this video.

What’s one piece of jewelry you can’t leave the house without?

My anklets! P keeps them anklets on. I’ve always been an anklet girl. It’s funny because that’s not what people expect. 

Even when you wear pants?

Even when I wear pants, I have my anklets on. [laughs] If you lift the pant up, there’s going to be an anklet there 9 times out of 10! Get into it. I’m trying to collab and work on some. When we get it all together, I’ll shoot you over some anklets boo.


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