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Trapboy Freddy Believes In Investing Jewelry

Trapboy Freddy loves to get money, something he’s been doing since before the music. Hailing from Oak Cliff, Texas near Dallas, Freddy truly lives up to his name. At 14 years old, he was already exposed to the traphouse, hustling by any means necessary. Boasting 460K followers on Instagram alone, the “Lil Quita” rapper is on the brink of breaking through the mainstream.

Most recently, he linked up with fellow Oak Cliff native Yella Beezy on a joint tape called I'm My Brother's Keeper, spearheaded by singles “Raccs” and “Ride.” While he’s signed to 300 Entertainment, Freddy has been pushing his own Cool Money Entertainment label with full force. 

King Ice caught up with Trapboy Freddy, who had an interesting perspective on why jewelry is better than clothes.

You say you don’t like to buy clothes, do you like jewelry?

All that, I believe in that. I believe in buying jewelry, jewelry is a good investment. The only reason I say jewelry is because you could sell the jewelry and get your money back. If you and your jeweler good, y’all good. But you can always pawn, sell, trade, do whatever you have to do with that jewelry. You can’t sell no clothes. People will give you $50 for your outfit.

What’s your favorite chain you own?

I got my Freddy Krueger chain, it’s big and bad, that’s my best one. I can tell you much it weighs. The piece is 330 grams, the chain is 500 grams something. I bought that chain 2 years ago. It’s on my Instagram though, they done seen it. Big Trap, Big Freddy. That bitch opens and closes, a big deal. It’s one of the first bitches standing up around here, that inspired everybody to start standing up when they do them chains.


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