SAVIII 3RD: When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple.

SAVIII 3RD: When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple.

Hailing from East Side Long Beach, Saviii 3rd is here to put on for the West Coast the best way possible. After a stint signed to Birdman’s Cash Money West, under management with Wack 100, the “Batter Up” rapper is now a free man. 

Saviii has the co-signs from nearly every artist in the rap game, with a loyal fanbase that can’t be duplicated. Most recently, he unleashed his Snowboy 2 mixtape and shut down the stage at Rolling Loud Los Angeles. Even Dom Kennedy had to pull up on Day 2 to catch his set!

King Ice caught up with Saviii 3rd to discuss the Rollie Birdman surprised him with on his birthday.

How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry? 

At first, I was wearing some Cubans. Not too much. I used to want to do the layered chains.

Did you have a Cash Money chain? 

Yeah, still got the Cash Money chain. Birdman gave me a CMB chain. He bought me a Rolex for my birthday. It was a plain jane. 

Is that the most expensive piece of jewelry you have?

No, I had 3 Cubans. Each one was $4000, I had a charm on 2 of them. Oh no wait, my fucking grill! I’m trippin’, my grill was fucking 10 bands! [chuckles] Hell yeah, Birdman told me to go get it. I still got the archives on my story. When I got it, it was just the bottom one. The whole thing was all VVS’s, that was fucking top notch. 

When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple. Prolly a bracelet on me, I don’t really wear watches too much. A bracelet, a chain, and a ring. Maybe two rings, definitely some high quality boogers in my ear. At first I was doing way too much. I was trying to be Nipsey with the Cubans, that was trophies. I don’t have too many now, 2 at the most at one time. 

What was your reaction when Birdman gave you the Rollie? 

When he gave me the Rollie, we was in Miami. He surprised me! He called me downstairs from the hotel because I didn’t know where to find some weed. He said “I got you.” I went downstairs, he had 3 black Maybach’s with him at the Fontainebleau. He popped the trunk, tossed me a bag of weed. He tossed me another plastic bag, it’s fucking hash, wax, and moonrocks. I’m like “oh, this n*gga came with the full package.” I pass it to the homies, “twist that shit up.” Boom, that’s when he tossed me the box. “Got you the blue face for your birthday!” I said “ohhh, you really surprised me!” He said “yeah.”

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