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San Diego's Rob $tone Reveals His Favorite Pendants

When you think of San Diego, you think of the warm sun, beaches, and overall good vibrations. Insert Rob $tone, the rapper who blew up from his first song ever going viral. “Chill Bill” till this day goes hard in the club, function, whip, through your headphones… the beat itself is so catchy. 

Paired with Rob’s smooth delivery, the record gave audiences an automatic rush to where you could escape reality in those few minutes the song runs. Now, a more wise, experienced Rob $tone arrives poised, cheerful, and completely independent.

He claims he’s making more money now than when he was signed to a major label, a rare but coveted phenomenon in society today. King Ice pulled up to his photo shoot for his forthcoming album titled Stone Cold to discuss his jewelry preferences.

I see you have crystals on your neck, talk about your jewelry preferences.

The love of my life, my beautiful baby momma, my girl Monique, she got me this for Christmas last year. Because I used to have another amethyst, but the muthafuckin’ feds snatched it. I got into some shit and they snatched all my chains and broke all my shit. 

They can do that?

Nah they can’t, but yeah. It happens. So she blessed me with some more. Of course, I got the diamonds from my boy Izzy. I have to get the lemon fixed. I’m actually going to New York this month for my birthday. That’s why I said for my birthday, I’ma get my other chain fixed.

What happened to it?

I broke it performing at this college. 

It didn’t get snatched or nothing?

Hell nah. [chuckles] But that does happen to people.

Talk about the ice on your wrist and your rings.

This is a Cuban, I got some new rings. I’m definitely about to re-up this year, get some new ice.

What’s the most expensive piece you’ve got?

The lemon, I would say. My lemon pendant.

How much is that?

Some tens of thousands for surely. [laughs] You know, some tens.

What do you want your legacy to be? 

I just kept it true, true to myself and kept it real with the people. I’m a solid ass cat. I’m one of the greatest artists of my generation fasho. 

Anything else you want to let us know?

Just the coldest n*gga in the game, that’s it.

Shirley Ju
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