Shwayze Rocks His Beach Boy Vibes With No Jewelry

Shwayze Rocks His Beach Boy Vibes With No Jewelry

When Shwayze released “Buzzin’” in 2017, he instantly became a star. Following the success with another viral hit, “Corona and Lime,” the Malibu, California native would go on to tour the world — blessing fans all around the world with his feel-good music and contagious positive energy. 

One decade later, he continues to do what he loves: creating fire music for his loyal fanbase. When it comes to his sound, he’s adapted to the times. Most recently, he mixed his beach vibes with rap’s melodic trap wave, creating 12 tracks that make up his new album titled Surf Trap.

King Ice caught up with Shwayze at the Kandypens house in Los Angeles to discuss his go-to jewelry accessories, or lack thereof. He states, “I don’t really wear chains or jewelry.”

You never got a bomb ass chain in your decade-long career?

No, I never did. I’ll puke. In the song [“Buzzin’”] I’m poking fun at it, I said it as a joke “putting diamonds in my Shwayze chain.” But nah, it’s not my style. That’s why I always say beach boy, I make such an emphasis on that. Every rapper has to have diamonds and jewels, that’s not necessarily cool guys. Just because everyone else thinks it’s cool. I grew up in a town where all the millionaires wore Uggs and ripped sweaters, you don’t know they’re millionaires. New money, when you get money, you feel you have to put diamonds and platinum shit on. I don’t resonate with that.

What’s your most prized possession?

My prized possession is my health. It’s true, what else matters? I lose everything else. Every pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned, gone. Every cell phone. I’m actually impressed, this one’s been with me for a few months. I’m like “holy shit.” I have an ability of losing things, that’s me not being attached. Relationships included sadly. [laughs] Not sadly.

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