FATBOY: I Was The First N*gga On Instagram Wearing Jewelry

FATBOY: I Was The First N*gga On Instagram Wearing Jewelry

Fatboy wants to let it be known that he is no longer a comedian, he is an entertainer and entrepreneur. Boasting 5.7 million followers on Instagram alone, the Irvington, New Jersey native exploded onto the internet and won over the hearts of the masses around the world. Beyond his comedic skits, he creates fire trap music and prides himself as an artist.

Most recently, he’s been pushing his own cannabis brand at Lung Smackers, which he claims will get you on “Cloud 80.” Following the release of his most recent single “Ready 2 Go,” he teases fans announcing his forthcoming single will be a big one.

King Ice caught up with Fatboy via Instagram Live, who claims he was “the first n*gga on Instagram wearing jewelry, loads of money with real jewelry.”

Talk about your drip.

I was the first n*gga on Instagram wearing jewelry. I was the first n*gga on Instagram showing lots of money, doing what I was doing. Anybody could say anything they want, but I was the one showing lots of money. Showing jewelry, watches, all that sh-t. Wearing real jewelry — not no Costco, fake ass jewelry from Joe Schmoe or from the cleaner man. I was really wearing real jewelry from jewelers, paying top money. You’ve got to put some respect on my name, that’s all I’m saying. 

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

My Rollie. My Rollie was going for $25K. I’ve bought a lot of pieces. I’ve lost jewelry, I’ve gained jewelry. I’ve lost a lot of jewelry, I’ve bought more jewelry. I got new jewelry coming in, it’s a lot. All my jewelry adds up to be almost $100K. Everything I done had, 100 bands. No cap, that sh-t’s facts. People could vouch. I’m not lying or sitting up here trying to be anything.

What’s your favorite one?

Really my wife’s piece. She’s got a Queen Tiana piece, a Queen Tiana joint. I got it for her last 22nd birthday. 



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