Slug & Murs (Felt) Still Don’t Need Any Chains

Slug & Murs (Felt) Still Don’t Need Any Chains

Photo Credit: Dan Monick

If you love hip-hop, you love Slug and Murs. Together as a musical duo under the moniker Felt, the two OGs have returned to surprise drop their fourth Felt project, following Felt 3 which was released over a decade ago. Felt 4 U arrives 12 track deeps touching on today’s current climate, which as you know, 2020 has been a wild rollercoaster in itself.

When it comes to the rap game, Slug and Murs stand out in their uniqueness, independence, passion, and… disregard for jewelry. When you can spit as hard as they do, you don’t need chains to prove your worth! 

King Ice caught up with Slug and Murs via Zoom to discuss their take on chains, with Slug even playfully busting out a wood necklace made by a fan.

Was there ever a point in your career where you felt like you had to wear jewelry or get nice jewelry pieces?

Murs: I’ma go get mine.

Slug: I did finally buy some fronts, just for fun. 

A grill?

A grill yeah, I don’t know I still call them fronts. Because I’m old. I have them right here underneath these laundry baskets. I bought mine to make a video. 

What is that?

Murs: I got this. [shows chain] Strange Music when I joined their organization for that time being. Travis and Tech [N9ne] gave me that as a gift. 

It looks expensive.

Murs: It’s supposedly worth some money. I never felt the need to get bedazzled or bejeweled. 

Slug: You should let me wear that in my next video. [laughs] That shit would be fuckin’ fun.

Murs: Word, any time man. 

Is it heavy?

Murs: Yeah, it’s heavy as shit man. Not as heavy as my hair is now. [laughs]

No Atmosphere chain?

Slug: No. You know what I got? Check this out. You’re familiar with LL Cool J when he said “I got a gold name plate that said I wish you would?” So I got a wood name plate that says “I wish you gold.” 

Murs: I never saw that, that’s classic bro.

Slug: The funny thing is I said it in a song as a joke, then somebody made it for me out of a skateboard. 

Murs: That’s dope. I hadn’t seen my little cousin in years, popped up on my family in Columbus. They heard we were rappers, me and my homeboy Scarub, My auntie said “come down and see your cousin!” They came down, they looked at us. The little one’s 6 or 7, he said “you rap?” I said yeah. He looked at his brother who’s 10, he started beatboxing and went into a whole freestyle. Served us. We had to freestyle back to this 7-year-old, this is the first time I met him in my life. We’d never said hello. Afterwards, we’re in the kitchen talking. He said “okay you a rapper for real, so where’s your chain? I said “I think diamonds and jewelry are for women, I’m not really into that.” He said “don’t worry, you’ll get back into it. Word, I’ll get back into it like I was lost. [laughs]

Slug: You’ll find your way.

Murs: I was in my super anti-iced out phase.

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