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Sada Baby Loses His Buffies Left & Right

Sada Baby is one of the hardest rappers to come out of this decade, period. Hailing from the Eastside of Detroit, the “Bloxk Party” MC arrives with his own, quirky, out-of-this-world personality and energy, which trickles down into his music almost instantaneously. When it comes to the Detroit hip-hop scene, Sada is putting on for his city through and thorough.

Most recently, he released his new tape titled Bardier Bounty 2, spearheaded by lead single “Whole Lotta Choppas.” The record has since blown up virally online and on social media, a record he actually has been sitting on for almost 3 years.

King Ice caught up with Sada Baby at the Kandypens house in Los Angeles, to discuss his iced out AP, a forthcoming ape chain, and losing his Buffies,

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

The AP, a $100K. [shows left wrist] It’s brick. It’s really 3 bricks but they call it a brick. It’s $120K on my wrist if we’re just talking about the watch. 

Do you use it to tell time?

Never. I got the Corona test, you know they got that little thermometer thing. They check my temperature and shit’s normal, I told her to put it on the watch and that bitch went negative. It’s ice. [laughs]

Favorite chain you own?

My favorite chain, I don't got it out yet. I got an ape head coming out of the hutch ,and a baguette snake going through his mouth. 

Talk about losing your Cartier glasses.

I lost 4 pairs of Buffs. I never lost no jewelry, no chain or watch, but I lost 4 pairs of these.  Maybe 5. The good kind of Cartier. See, n&ggas be high. N*ggas that roll weed up for Instagram, these the n*ggas that get high. If I was to make a video or make a post every time I roll a blunt up, y’all would think I got a problem. I be high as hell man. 

When I brought Hoodrich to the station, he had a whole case of Cartier classes.

Yeah, he one of them n*ggas. He’s waiting on you to say he ain’t got somethin, he going up on your bitch ass. Shit, I know you can’t see through the panorama Porsche. That’s my n*gga, he’s rich.

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