Stunna Girl Is Scarred From Losing Her Chains

Stunna Girl Is Scarred From Losing Her Chains

Stunna Girl is here to take that #1 spot. Hailing from Sacramento, California, the “Runway” rapper is here to take over the music industry, with the ability to create a melting pot of sounds. She can be gritty with the bars or sing her heart out like an R&B singer from the ’90s. 

Boasting 173K followers on Instagram, Stunna is a baddie who’s about to be a major triple threat to the industry. Fans daily are falling in love with her realness, and her ability to make bangers. Her biggest inspirations are her mom and her family, motivated by the struggles of her own come up.

King Ice caught up with Stunna Girl via Instagram Live to discuss her experiences losing chains.

What’s one piece of jewelry you can’t leave the house without?

Honestly, since I lost my chains a while back, I actually recently went to drop down on a new piece. Honestly, jewelry’s not really my top priority. I’m into real estate. I’d rather have houses over jewelry.

What happened to your chain?

I just lost it, I think it was a luggage thing. These chains I copped right when I got out of jail. I was 18 or 19 and never wanted to have chains again. I just went to go drop on a fire piece for myself. 

What’s the pendant?

It’s going to say Stunna Girl. My last chain was the money sign.



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