Young Lito Needs His Rolex & Jesus Piece

Young Lito Needs His Rolex & Jesus Piece

On “Diary,” Young Lito raps, “I do this for my family. I want a mil, I don’t want no Grammy. I don’t believe in no Plan B.” Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, the East Coast rapper came up as a member of the B$B crew (alongside Troy Ave), but has since moved forward from that entire situation. Now, he’s focused more than ever on his own solo artistry, creating heartfelt records for his growing fanbase.

His most recent release is his Stay Inside (The Quarantine Tape), a testament to the light at the end of the tunnel amidst the dark times. When it comes to his lyricism and bars, he always creates music for the soul. 

King Ice caught up with Young Lito via FaceTime to discuss his favorite jewelry pieces and who had the most iconic hip-hop chain.

What are your go-to jewelry accessories?

My Rolex and my Jesus Piece. Where I’m from, all the hustlers we looked up to had one or the other, if not both. I always told myself I was going to buy myself some, one day. 


Most iconic hip-hop chain in your opinion?

The Roc-A-Fella chain hands down. That pendant with the Cuban link is just legendary! I still want a Rocafella chain. I recently seen a video of Yo Gotti receiving one I was a lil jealous lol


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