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TEEJAYX6 Loves His VVS & VS1 Diamonds

Photo Credit: Walter W. Brady

Teejayx6 is a scam rapping machine, putting on for his city of Detroit. If you’re looking for the cheat code on how to come up on some money, listen to his music. Recently turning 19 years old and celebrating his birthday at a beautiful house in the hills, the “Dark Web” rapper celebrated by releasing his new project, Black Air Force Activity: The Reload.

Teejay is extremely mature for his age, saving his money for his own label with plans of signing his own artists. Putting on for Detroit by recruiting the family as features, he continues to create bangers for his growing fanbase.

King ice caught up with Teejayx6 to discuss his icy Cartier watch, and his love for diamonds.

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

Cartier watch, two tone. $40K. Then this chain: $20K for this pendant, $20,K for the Cuban. I got this all out my job at Subway and Target. [laughs] I go to work, stack my money. I don’t scam anymore. [laughs] I’ve never worked part-time, never even been in a job facility. 

I love the rose gold on your chain. What‘s your favorite type of jewelry?

Highest quality diamonds, VVS diamonds. VS1’s. This watch is VVS, these are VS1s. [shows chain] These are VS1’s too. VVS are going to hit crazier, it hits more. Even though VS1 hits the same, it’s more clear. I really don’t wear this shit everyday, I swear to God.

Why not?

Yeah, there you go. It’s loud as hell. 

Do you have any lower-tier jewelry?

Nah, I got all flashy shit. That’s what I gotta buy, some low-end shit. 

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