Nevaeh Jolie Is A Dog Tag Advocate

Nevaeh Jolie Is A Dog Tag Advocate

Nevaeh Jolie is your new favorite R&B singer, period. Hailing from Florida but moving to Jersey at age 10, the R&B songstress has been steadily creating a name for herself within the industry. Now signed to Artistry Records and Def Jam, she released her debut single at the top of the year titled “Too Much.”

Beyond the music, the 19-year-old embodies so many layers. From her artistry to her eccentric fashion to her dreams of being a filmmaker, Nevaeh proves manifestation at its finest. When you love something, you’ll do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

King Ice caught up with Navaeh at her home studio in Van Nuys, who was rocking her signature dog tag that read “keep it playa.” Not only does she live by this mantra, but it serves as a positive way to take on this thing called life.

What are your go-to jewelry accessories?

My wristbands, these thick thangs with chains. I’m going to make some of my own. I have some of my own dogtags, they say “keep it playa” on them. I’m about to get the brand going for y’all. I’ve got bandanas. I like things that add texture and character.

What do you like about dog tags?

Dog tags are a slight flex. They’re simplistic and nostalgic, they hold a lot of energy. You don’t got to be fully iced out. You got the dog tag drip, it’s fire. Especially when it has something meaningful on it, I fuck with dog tags. I definitely will put on a little bit of ice and a dog tag, but dog tags definitely make an outfit go a long way for real. 

Gold or silver?
Both, but mostly silver. I do mix them, because my birthstone is citrine. It’s a goldish-yellow color. I like mixing them, I don’t mind.

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