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Vinny West: I'm not really an attention-seeker with flashy stuff.

Vinny West is the next big thing to come out of South Central Los Angeles. At 23 years old, he recently traded a fruitful football career for the studio. In addition, he’s a proud businessman with his own clothing brand.


With his single “Too Player” accumulating over 5.8 million views off an audio video on Youtube, Vinny proves he has the streets on lock. His music is nothing but good vibes, while simultaneously embodying the struggle and making it out the trenches.

King Ice caught up with Vinny West to discuss his jewelry preferences.

How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry?

Simple. I don't really like flashy stuff. It’s cool, but I'm not really an attention-seeker with flashy stuff. I guess rappers have to wear that. 

As an artist, do you feel you have to wear jewelry? 

I mean, a lot of people tell me you have to look the part as an artist. But me, I just like making music. Not going to lie, I might get a little chain or something simple. But other than that, it's politics with that. Honestly for myself, I don't care about all that.

Vinny West


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