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Rhyon Brown: A lady never leaves the house without earrings on. 💎💎💎

Rhyon Brown is an entertainer if there ever was one. Whether she’s on the small screen on shows like Empire and Surviving Compton, or the big screen on Get Rich or Die Tryin, the Los Angeles native is doing what she loves.

While acting took off for her effortlessly, Brown is now ready to put her all into the music. At the end of it all, she hopes to be the biggest artist alive. With that comes hard work, dedication, and passion — three attributes she carries gracefully.

King Ice caught up with Brown on the heels of her new single “Leaves,” to discuss how her mom influenced her jewelry. 

How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry?

I’m really inspired by mom. My mom was a big jewelry wearer growing up. Something my mom always said to me growing up was “a lady never leaves the house without earrings on.” I was really inspired by my mom when it came to jewelry. Up until about 13, I thought God fucked up and gave me woman parts. I was supposed to be a boy, so everything I do has a masculine flair to it.

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