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What's up everybody welcome to this King Ice instructional I’m Yanira and today we're talking about king ice watches so you already know what time it is, tick tick having the right watch sets off any outfit and reminds you of how late you are to meet whoever it is. Watches always feel complicated, I can't even set my alarm clock without messing up the time twice, not king ice watches though and we will show you how to use them easily and exactly what to do. First pick the flyest  watch on To set the date all you do is unscrew the crown on the right side of the watch you pull out the crown gently into position. I'm sure you all know how to pull out, some better than others. Then you turn the crown until the date is set,  now we know what day and month it is. To set the time all you do is unscrew the same crown on the right side of the watch this time pull the crown gently into position 2 and turn the crown until the dials are on the time you want shown. Some watches have chronograph if you don't know what that is don't worry, don't nobody know what a chronograph is. But it looks fly, it's like your own personal stopwatch. To work the chronograph that nobody knows about use you press the buttons that nobody knows what to do with button A above the crown and button B below it. For the chronograph to be like a stopwatch and start and stop use button A, the one above for the chronograph, to reset and go back to zero use button B. If for some random reason button B doesn't reset to the center point, all you have to do is unscrew the crown and keep pushing button A until the chronograph is back at zero. Your watch is your baby so you have to know how to take care of it. Always make sure to keep your watch away from any chemicals acid or dangerous corrosive substances. To be honest I don't know why you would want to be around that stuff anyway. Make sure to stay away from excessive heat or magnetic objects because that can mess up the movement of your watch if you want to clean your watch which you should use a soft gentle dry cleaning cloth gently to remove water dust or any things on your king ice watch. Try not to scratch up your King Ice, watch keep away from sharp abrasive or pointed things. The battery lasts a long time but if you do ever need to change the battery just take it to a professional shop. Do not try to change the battery yourself. No it's not a good idea, I've seen this movie and it does not end well for you, also make sure to never leave any loose batteries when the reach of children. If you're going on vacation or aren't gonna be using your watch for a long time then the best thing to do is pull the crown out of the second position so it stops ticking and it keeps on licking. Finally the most important thing to do make sure to pull your sleeve up to show off your King watch. For more information click the link below, this has been the king ice instructional for watches i'm Yanira and for all your flossing needs just go to You're welcome, you're all welcome.

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