Stash Collection

Stash Collection


What's up everybody welcome to King Ice instructional I’m Yanira and today we're talking about King Ice stash collections that real go-go-gadget hideout spot that real deal secret agent type stuff for

real. King ice has a variety of stash jewelry in it’s collection. Stash as in any ring pendant or charm that opens up so you can stash your stash. I don't know what you would stashed allegedly, however

whatever it is your stashing do so knowing how to open and close each item. Pendants open with a careful and quick click, notice the hinge which allows for each swing to open and close. Make sure to close the pendant all the way so the pendant is secure so your stash allegedly does not become unstashed. Pendants have a swing away that closes and fastens like a strap. Get the strap. 

The rings open from under the center stone at the prong or stone girdle, your stash fits secure in the ring cradle allegedly for quick use and stacks together and closes as such. For more information just click the link below this has been the king ice instructional for stash collection. I’m Yanira for all your icy needs just go to king ice calm you're welcome, you're all welcome.

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