Tarnish resistant tennis chains

Tarnish resistant tennis chains


I’m Joshua and today we’re gonna be taking a look at some of King Ice’s Electro coated
premium tennis chains. These are your no brainer pieces, for men and women, if you aren’t
going to wear it when you go out, you’ll for sure notice somebody else that is. The tennis chain
is an iconic staple in hip hop and streetwear today, and retains a timeless quality that just
doesn’t devalue with the evolution of trends.

Now what’s super tight about these tennis chains, is the electro coating protection process each
piece has gone through. Electro coating is a high end anti tarnishing procedure that does NOT
chemically change the metal unto which it is deposited. It provides an even and consistent
thickness to even the most complex and intricate jewelry, resulting in a lasting durability that is
significantly stronger than traditional gold plating methods. This means that you don’t have to
stress on your chain tarnishing at any point. Giving you free range to do what you do, and look
good doing it.

Because of this cutting edge technique, King Ice is able to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our
men’s and women’s tennis chains. This means that if one of these chains ever tarnishes or
fades for the duration of your lifetime, you can mail the chain right back to us and we will provide
a replacement.

So lets recap, electro coated tennis chains, anti tarnish, heavy use protected, lifetime
guarantee. What more needs to be said?

Matthew Robinson