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      Discover Samoht's Favorite Jewelry Piece

      Discover Samoht's Favorite Jewelry Piece

      Samoht is in his own lane, with his own voice and own sound. The singer-songwriter was born in North Carolina, but moved to New York where he’d spend the next 9 years of his life. However lately, he sees himself as nomadic, on the road travelling across the States on his THIRD headlining tour.

      If you’re hip, you’ve already ran through his most recent album titled Exit… a million times. His vibes, his energy, his soul, his love for music shines through each track, as he effortlessly wins over audiences all around the world.

      King Ice caught up with Samoht the same weekend he shut down The Sayers Club in hollywood.

      What’s the best encounter you had with a fan?

      Right now, I’ma go with this gold necklace I got on. I think her Instagram is @shesmiles

      That’s a nice little crystal.

      Yeah it’s clear quartz, like a crown chakra. I said “wow I like your necklace!” She just took it off and gave it to me, I’m like “yooo.”  

      And you wear it! That’s beautiful. It almost protects you. 

      Absolutely. I know right? It’s nice and clear, I love clear stuff. Other than fans telling me how much my music has helped them out of a dark space, especially the almost horror stories they tell me. “I was about do this to myself, then your song stopped me from doing it.” I’ll be crying for real.

      Can we talk about your jewelry drip real quick?

      Fasho. I actually don’t have my other ring on right now. I’m wearing Axcexx right now, it’s a brand by this stylist H Diddy. He’s dope. I love his jewelry, I’m always wearing it. This necklace is from a fan, she put a diamond in it because of my song “Yellow Diamonds.” The thing is, they actually give me stuff that I like. So I ain’t gotta lie about shit. 

      NLE Choppa Exclusive Interview: Tells His Perfect Valentine's Day + More

      NLE Choppa Exclusive Interview: Tells His Perfect Valentine's Day + More

      Hip Hop Superstar NLE Choppa describes his perfect date for Valentine's Day and also shares the exclusive new features for his upcoming album. He also discusses his new No Love Entertainment jewelry line with King Ice.


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      QuickStrike: NLE Choppa x King Ice Limited Edition Release

      QuickStrike: NLE Choppa x King Ice Limited Edition Release

      NLE Choppa is teaming up with King Ice to release a limited edition "No Love" pendant February 6, 2020 just in time for Valentine's Day. This unique "No Love" version has a special broken heart with red stones in place of the "O" in "No" which is inspired by Choppa's No Love Entertainment brand. Only 50 of these original pendant designs will be released today but be on the lookout for the announcement of the official collab between NLE Choppa and King Ice.


      No Love Pendant by NLE Choppa

      Notes: Choppa recently released hit song Exotic on YouTube

      Tiana Major9 Reveals Her Most Expensive Jewelry

      Tiana Major9 Reveals Her Most Expensive Jewelry

      Tiana Major9 is the newest artist on Motown Records, the legendary imprint under Universal Music Group — home to Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, and many more icons. The Newham, East London-bred singer-songwriter carries the Major9 in her name to remind audiences of her love for jazz music, a genre she grew up on in her Jamaican household.

      2019 was an eventful year, especially with her own solo single “Collide” featuring EarthGang being featured in the Queen & Slim movie. Beyond that, she caught the attention of even Michelle Obama and showcased her talent in a COLORS performance. 

      King Ice caught up with Tiana following her showcase at No Vacancy in Hollywood.

      How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry? I see you got some ice on! 

      I mean...this is new! [chuckles] My style is very vibrant. It’s very comfortable. It’s also… shiny! I always have glitter or something on.

      What’s the most expensive piece you own? 

      I’m not going to lie, I don’t actually own expensive jewelry. My gold earrings. Not these ones, I have a gold pair that has “ba-by” written in it. But they’re not expensive. $30. [laughs]  I’m not there yet. Soon!

      What do you want your legacy to be?

      I want my legacy to be my music. I want it to stand the test of time. I want people to study in school, because I studied music in school. We studied Beatles and Miles Davis, I want my music to be something that kids study in school.

      San Diego's Rob $tone Reveals His Favorite Pendants

      San Diego's Rob $tone Reveals His Favorite Pendants

      When you think of San Diego, you think of the warm sun, beaches, and overall good vibrations. Insert Rob $tone, the rapper who blew up from his first song ever going viral. “Chill Bill” till this day goes hard in the club, function, whip, through your headphones… the beat itself is so catchy. 

      Paired with Rob’s smooth delivery, the record gave audiences an automatic rush to where you could escape reality in those few minutes the song runs. Now, a more wise, experienced Rob $tone arrives poised, cheerful, and completely independent.

      He claims he’s making more money now than when he was signed to a major label, a rare but coveted phenomenon in society today. King Ice pulled up to his photo shoot for his forthcoming album titled Stone Cold to discuss his jewelry preferences.

      I see you have crystals on your neck, talk about your jewelry preferences.

      The love of my life, my beautiful baby momma, my girl Monique, she got me this for Christmas last year. Because I used to have another amethyst, but the muthafuckin’ feds snatched it. I got into some shit and they snatched all my chains and broke all my shit. 

      They can do that?

      Nah they can’t, but yeah. It happens. So she blessed me with some more. Of course, I got the diamonds from my boy Izzy. I have to get the lemon fixed. I’m actually going to New York this month for my birthday. That’s why I said for my birthday, I’ma get my other chain fixed.

      What happened to it?

      I broke it performing at this college. 

      It didn’t get snatched or nothing?

      Hell nah. [chuckles] But that does happen to people.

      Talk about the ice on your wrist and your rings.

      This is a Cuban, I got some new rings. I’m definitely about to re-up this year, get some new ice.

      What’s the most expensive piece you’ve got?

      The lemon, I would say. My lemon pendant.

      How much is that?

      Some tens of thousands for surely. [laughs] You know, some tens.

      What do you want your legacy to be? 

      I just kept it true, true to myself and kept it real with the people. I’m a solid ass cat. I’m one of the greatest artists of my generation fasho. 

      Anything else you want to let us know?

      Just the coldest n*gga in the game, that’s it.