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Ruth B Prefers Gold or Silver Depending on Seasons

If you were on Vine back in the day, chances are you saw Ruth B. A musician in her own right, the singer-songwriter prides herself in her ability to write, creating meaningful records for the masses. With the height of her viral single “Lost Boy” in 2015, the Washington D.C. native is proud to use her platform for the greater good — most recently releasing “If I Have A Son” dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now she releases her newest single, “Dirty Nikes,” centered around the concept of “I don't hate you, but I have to learn to.” King Ice caught up with Ruth B via Zoom to discuss her love for jewelry and rings.

How would you describe your fashion sense? 

My fashion sense is pretty simple. I love looking at fashion, but I've never been super into it myself. I love athleticwear as well, I love sweatpants. 

Go-to accessories for jewelry?

I love rings, bracelets, necklaces... I love jewelry a lot. I definitely love rings for sure.

What are your favorite rings? Do you have them on? 

I don't. I only have this teeny tiny ring on right now, but I have so much over there. Just anything. As of late, I've really grown a love for jewelry.

Gold or silver?

Depends on the season, weird. In the summer, I love gold like yellows. In the winter, I like whites and silver.

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