Chrishan Says He Can Buy 2 Houses 🏠In Toledo, Ohio w/ His Rollies🤯

Chrishan Says He Can Buy 2 Houses 🏠In Toledo, Ohio w/ His Rollies🤯

Chrishan is nephew to legendary artist Lyfe Jennings, which says a lot about his talents already. Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, but now calling Los Angeles his new home, the singer, songwriter, producer has found his place in the music industry. 

While working alongside Hitmaka and producing some of rap’s greatest hits, such as Meek Mill’s “Dangerous” and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s “Look Back At It,” Chrishan is now transitioning his focus to his own artistry. Most recently, he released his single “Sin City” which went viral off an audio video online. It was so fire that even Ty Dolla $ign jumped on the remix.

King Ice chatted with Chrishan to discuss his favorite jewelry and why.

Talk about your drip. How much you have on? 

I have a lil something something. I go to Pristine in New York. This is a Rollie, probably $30K, $35K. On the other hand, I got this for $10K, $15K. I got this from Pristine too. 

Why do you like Pristine?

Pristine, Ofir’s my guy over there. He’s the one who created the chandelier for DJ Khaled, the original one. He’s right there in Diamond District. 


Do you wear chains too? 

Yeah I wear chains sometimes, that I got from Pristine. Honestly I like the drip, but I might go to something a bit more conservative. Because I’m about to take this shit and put it into a property. 

It’s crazy you can do that with one item.

Back in Toledo where I came from, this right here can buy 2 houses.



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