FLASH GOTTII: $50,000 on the Chain🤯

FLASH GOTTII: $50,000 on the Chain🤯

Flash Gottii is literally what his name says: flashy and fresh like Yo Gotti. Hailing from Kansas City but now calling Los Angeles his new home, the 27-year-old has already shut down the stage at Made In America in Philly, and went on tour with rap stars Blueface and Trippie Redd. 

Flash is signed to eOne, with management under Wack 100. Most recently, he released his 20/20 Vision EP and the official music video for “Paper Chase” featuring Trippie Redd. His biggest influences are Drake and Wiz Khalifa, with an ability to both sing and rap in his records.



King Ice caught up with Flash Gotti in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his fire, gold 100 Entertainment chain.

Can you talk about the chain you got on?

It’s my 100 Entertainment chain, Wack’s label. Flash Gottii, you like that? This is $50K right here. I got this a little bit after I got signed. 

What was your reaction?

Well, I was already wearing his. I took Wack’s off of him. We’re at the studio, he’s like “this is how yours gon’ look like nephew.” I said “aye let me see that real quick unc. Let me take a pic with that.” He’s like “aight.” I ended up leaving the studio with it.

How does yours compare to his?

It’s the same one. Before I had mine, I was wearing his. Wack has like 3 chains. He got a Cash Money West, a Blueface chain, he got hella chains. That’s why I said when I got mine, I was excited but I was already wearing his for a minute. 

Is that the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

Right now, yeah. Hopefully I can boss up.

Do you like silver or gold?

I like both.


Flash Gotti



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