DJ Chose has one of the most standout producer tags in the rap game. Once you hear that female voice asking “Ain’t That DJChose over there?!”, you already know the song is a smash. Getting his start rapping in high school before transitioning to production, real name Norman Payne is the definition of someone who’s grinded and worked their way into the big leagues — living proof that success does not happen overnight.

Fast forward to 2021, Chose has worked with everyone from NBA Youngboy to Kevin Gates to Fredo Bang, calling himself the “glue” when it comes to Baton Rouge artists. Beyond the production, he’s also featured on Tyga’s new song “Let Me Find Out”... as a rapper! 

Regardless of his endeavors, DJ Chose motivates his fanbase to go out there and get it. King Ice caught up with Chose via Instagram Live, who was proudly rocking his multiple gold chains.

Talk about all the chains around your neck, what do they say? 

Run It Up Records. Sh-t I’ve done a lot of business with them, and they brought me a chain. I’m like thank you. This one says Chose, it’s a heart but it’s broken at the top. My birthday’s on February 15th, so I call myself a February baby. It’s broken because shit, my shit still works but it’s kind of broke at the top. Ya feel me? This is my momma, she passed away. It’s my favorite one. 

You rock them always everyday?

Nah, I just had a session with an artist so I had them on.

Do you feel like jewelry is a statement sometimes?

Sometimes, but I really be feeling like the biggest flex is inner peace. N*ggas can’t stand to see you having peace. Everybody could buy jewelry, but everybody can’t buy this smile.



March 23, 2021 — Shirley Ju
Tags: News