DJ Mark Da Spot Doesn't Need Jewelry for Validation

DJ Mark Da Spot Doesn't Need Jewelry for Validation

If you’re a DJ, you can only strive to accomplish what DJ Mark Da Spot has accomplished. The celebrity DJ prides himself in being able to turn up a crowd, making people happy, making people dance, and leaving them with the utmost, highest positive energy. Getting his start as a chauffeur for Justin Timberlake and eventually touring with Prince, the Jamaica-born, Bronx-raised entertainer has memories to last a lifetime.


When it comes to his own music palette, he prefers R&B, Jamaican, and Caribbean music. But don’t get it twisted, he’ll drop all the classics in one set — the very reason why him and Prince got along so well. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, he’s shifted his live sets into Instagram Live sets, continuing to bring joy to the masses.


King Ice caught up with DJ Mark Da Spot to ask about his jewelry preferences, which are damn near non-existent.

Are you a fan of jewelry?

I don't own too much jewelry, maybe my earrings. I had these for a while, they’re my favorite. I’m not really big big on jewelry. Somebody bought them for me 20 years ago and I kept them. [laughs] 


I feel like DJ Mark Da Spot should have a fire MDS chain.

I rather take that money and spend it on something else, invest it in myself versus jewelry. Some DJs want the big chains, I’d rather invest my money in other places.

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