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Sa-Roc Loves Vintage, Ethnic Jewelry

Photo Credit: Kaylinn Gilstrap

Sa-Roc is here to declare that there doesn’t have to be one queen in hip-hop. Pushing her Goddess Gang movement, the Washington D.C. native is a true MC and spitter who can rap harder than your favorite artist. As the second lady of Rhymesayers Entertainment, she’s able to share a home with legends such as Evidence, Atmosphere, Murs, etc,


Most recently, she released her “Deliverance” visual, which speaks volumes to the current times. If there’s one thing you can expect from Sa-Roc, it’s the truth, the real, and the necessary. Plus, who doesn’t love real hip-hop?


King Ice caught up with Sa-Roc via Instagram Live to discuss her love for vintage, ethnic pieces.


Do you have a love for fashion?

I do, my style is definitely not traditional. I have a really eclectic style. At any given time, you could see me on Etsy or eBay. I love vintage ethnic stuff. I’m really into Indian embroidery. Afghanistan stuff. I love anything with a Nehru or Mandarin collar. I love work made by indigenous women from different communities who are putting their love, time, intention. You’ll see me in a velvet embroidered vest from the ‘70s, super big gold hoops. A blend of different things. I’ll have my bamboo earrings on and a little tunic from India at any given time.


Go-to jewelry accessories?

My fake gold bamboo earrings. [laughs] I love some costume jewelry. I love Indian bangles. I hit up the Indian store quite regularly, this joint in Atlanta. The gaudier the better. 


Gold or silver?

Gold, definitely. 


Which hip hop label had the most iconic chain in your opinion?

Honestly, Roc-A-Fella is the only label that I even know what their chain looks like. I’ma keep it 100% real with you. [laughs] 

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