SUPERDOPE Q is Ready to Level Up with a Diamond Watch

SUPERDOPE Q is Ready to Level Up with a Diamond Watch

Photo Credit: John Sosa

SuperDopeQ is a multi-talented celebrity stylist, rapper, reality TV star, and overall entertainer. As a queer in the industry, the Milwaukee native has worked, grinded, and hustled his way into the place he’s in now. First getting his start assisting the CEO of Black Ink Crew, he has since become a cast member on the show and is now focused on his music career more than ever.

Styling for the likes of Migos, Keke Palmer, Jacquees, and many more, Q was always adamant on not pushing his music onto artists he was styling. But now, his time is now. With his blood cousin being Jacob Latimore, he’s appreciative and blessed to have the support from his family and his peers. 

Most recently, he released his new single and visual for “Baller Alert.” King Ice caught up with SuperDope Q via Instagram Live to discuss his go-to pieces for jewelry, and his own SuperDope Q chain.

Go-to pieces for jewelry?

I have a little diamonds now, they say SuperDope Q. This girl on Instagram made me a crown one day, she used to make mad bracelets and rings stuff. She makes a lot of gold stuff out of golden beaded jewelry, she made Cardi B’s stuff for the “Money” video. She had that Egyptian photoshoot, she had the nails. She’s lit. I’m not big on jewelry like that. Especially with my styling, I didn't use a lot of jewelry. I’d do the clean look, I want to go for a clean LA look sometimes. Outfit clean, pushed back hair. You could do a little earring but nothing too gaudy. I wasn’t into gaudy stuff yet. 

Most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

The SuperDope Q [chain], that’s it. I’m looking at watches, they’re $12K. I found some with the diamond bezle for $36K, that’s fucking what $6 to $7 thousand? I’m tryna see if they let me do a little promo, something on top of that to get down to $4K because $7 to $12k on my wrist? I don’t know yet. I gotta get a hit.

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