DVBBS Dropped $19K On His Pinky Ring

DVBBS Dropped $19K On His Pinky Ring

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Dvbbs hail from a different breed, carving their own lane in the electronic dance music space and blending their love for rap, R&B, pop, dance into one melting pot. The DJ/producer duo is comprised of brothers Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre, who hail from the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. 

With the release of “Tsunami” in 2014, Dvbbs instantly became a household name, best known for their standout remixes and a collab with Martin Garrix early on. Now, they return to release their new project titled Nothing To See Here, which they actually call a “pre-album to the actual album.”

When it comes to jewelry, Alex reveals buying himself a pricy pinky ring to celebrate the duo’s success. King Ice caught up with Alex via FaceTime to discuss what happened to his chains as well. 

How would you describe your fashion sense? 

My fashion sense is the character of who I am every day. Some days, I go all black with i. Some days, I want to go crazy with it. Pop up some old designer stuff. I used to be a huge sneakerhead so I have a crazy collection. Babe, how would you describe my fashion sense? My girlfriend's right here. She said it's like Justin Beiber. [laughs] Sometimes I want to be swaggy, sometimes I want to be really cozy.

Any go-to jewelry pieces that you love? 

After my first record went double Platinum, I bought a pinky ring. I'm not wearing it right now, but it’s pretty crazy. It was $19K.

Is it all VVS’?

Yes, I don't wear it all the time now. I had an iced out Ferragamo bracelet, lost it. I had a vintage Versace bracelet, lost it. Now, I just have the pinky ring. I got some necklaces, but I keep it pretty lowkey to be honest. I'm 28 years old. When I was 24 or 45, I was going crazy on jewelry, sneakers, clothes, designer. I've moved out of multiple houses and a lot of it's still sitting in boxes. There's a lot of a lot of other valuable things that you can do with your money nowadays.

You mean all your chains are locked up?

Definitely a lot of designers locked up in boxes, chains locked up. I pull out the pinky ring here and there. Other than that, no Rolex, no nothing right now.



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