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Kandie Gets Her Rings from Slauson

Don’t play with Kandie, she’ll roast you in a rap. Hailing from Compton, California, Kandie is The Hottest Rap Bitch out, which is also the name of her forthcoming project. Coming up in the entertainment industry as seen on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and Wild ‘N Out, one thing has never faltered in her life: her music. Her love and talents in hip-hop do not go unnoticed, as she creates fire remixes of all your favorite songs. From Kap G’s “Girlfriend” to Cardi B’s “WAP,” real name JayWill lets you know Kandie is not playing games!

In addition to her music, she has multiple businesses such as her Kandie Clawz nail line and her hair line titled Kandie Locks. Still, our favorite part might be her hilarious cooking videos she posts to her Youtube page.

King Ice caught up with Kandie at the Kandypens house to discuss her favorite jewelry accessories and her fake piercings!

What are your go-to jewelry accessories?

I’m so mad I didn’t wear them today. Ooh, I wore these. [shows rings] My Rapunzel’s Uncle. YaboiKandie, aka Rapunzel’s Uncle, aka 50 inch bundles. 

Where do you get those?

In Slauson. I got some pieces I’ve got to go pick up when I’m out here, because I’m in Atlanta. They don’t make jewelry the same.

Is that a real septum ring? 

Nuh uh, I’m scared to get it. I’m scared to get my bellybutton, everybody told me to get it. 

Is the nose real?

No, I’m scared of piercings. I glue one on. [laughs] 



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