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Griselda's Conway says He's Rocking The Average Rappers Advance on his Neck! 😂

Griselda has somehow figured out the formula to make non-commercial hip-hop mainstream. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, the rap trio is composed of Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and Conway The Machine. Each member adds their own unique style and relentless bars, spitters down to the core.


Most recently, Griselda unleashed their major label debut via Eminem’s Shady Records, a project titled WWCD. The name stands for What Would Chine Do?, a tribute to their late friend and family member. 


King Ice caught up with Conway and Westside Gunn at The Novo in downtown Los Angeles to ask how much ice they had on.


I see you guys are dripped out. How much do you got on?

Conway: In jewelry? Probably the average rapper’s advance. [laughs] A few coins.

Westside: It’s about $300K [around my neck]. We chillin’.

What about in your mouth?

Westside: About $30K.

What about the wrist?

Westside: $40K. [chuckles]


Westside Gunn


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