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SACBxY: Hella people basically copying my style. 🤬

SACBxY is a fucking all-star. Coming up as one of the original members of famed dance crew The Jabbawockeez, real name Phil Tayag is a Filipino-American creative here to make music, dance, and overall give you nothing but good vibrations. 

His accomplishments to date can hardly be boxed into writing, from performing Super Bowl 50 alongside Bruno Mars to starring in Bruno and Cardib’s “Finesse” music video. He’s also taken the stage at multiple NBA events, from the All-Star game to the Finals.

Most recently, he released his new visual for “in mY way,” paying homage to his hometown (just like his name).

King Ice caught up with SACBxY to discuss the meaning behind his lone gold ring.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry to wear?

I got this little BWBE ring. BWBE has been my own personal brand since 2005. On some underground shit, I’ve seen hella people basically copying my style. This actually stands for “Biters will Be Eaten.” That’s when I was in the scene, really tripping. Because people would try to take my stuff to the industry, to these big platforms in LA, when I was still living in Sac. When I was on some underground shit. I’m not out here hella tripping off of people, so it evolved right? Now it’s more about being yourself, so it says “Be Me” upside down. Ultimately, it’s about being genuine. I’m not trying to monitor people. Maybe I was being reactive before but hey, just be yourself. 


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