Tungsten Rings vs. Titanium Rings

Tungsten rings and titanium rings are popular choices when it comes to hip hop jewelry pieces. A lot of folks are wearing them, but choosing between titanium and tungsten rings can be a bit hard. Everyone has to face the difficult choices in jewelry designs at one point or another – silver or gold, diamonds or rubies; but the ultimate decision always comes down to the quality of the pieces. Of course, gold is known to be a better metal than silver, but sometimes silver offers a better effect in your style – it all depends on the day and the gear you’re wearing. Diamonds really look good with silvers and platinum, offering you more bling to your wear. So now what about tungsten rings and titanium rings? Which is the best for men’s jewelry? Well, it all depends on the eye of the beholder.

Tungsten Carbide Rings

With tungsten rings, you have a precious metal that can withstand the worldly elements as well as wear and tear. It definitely outlasts its counterpart in many factors. First, here is a little more about tungsten rings. They are made of a metal that is hard and dense, and doesn’t melt until reaching temperatures as high as 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit; you should know that this is the highest melting point when it comes to all metals. Tungsten rings are much harder than steel – five times harder to be exact. They are tough and can withstand a lot; only special tools used by paramedics in emergencies can cut the metal.

If you decide to go with tungsten rings, you won’t have to worry about the bling effect going away or scratches and scuffs messing up your iced out gear. Many people have seen their shiny tungsten rings last for years on end. When buying tungsten rings, make sure that it contains carbide, this is what makes it scratchproof.  Do be aware of the tungsten rings that contain cobalt, some have witnessed allergic reactions to the substance, which causes their finger to turn green where contact was made with the ring. You might consider a tungsten bracelet to match you tungsten ring.

Titanium Rings

Titanium rings, on the other hand, are known for their strength – even car manufacturers have used it for their engines (as well as tungsten). Out of all the metals, including tungsten rings, titanium has the highest ratio between density and strength. It too is stronger than steel, but is much lighter. Titanium rings have corrosion resistance against oxygen, so it lasts long. It isn’t that resistant to scratches and scuffs, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind while shopping for your men’s jewelry as well as titanium bracelets.

If you want bling that will stay shiny for decades to come, tungsten rings is the winner. If you accidentally run your ring over in the driveway, no worries – it will still be as good as new. Neither tungsten rings nor titanium rings have reaction to your skin (as long as there is no cobalt). You don’t have to worry about titanium rings or tungsten rings bending over time, but there is a difference in weight; titanium rings have a lighter metal than tungsten rings.